Google will be streamingplatform for the games Phase on 19 november. That is, the internetreus on Tuesday will be announced.

Stages will be Google trying to be the dominance of the video game consoles such as the PlayStation by Sony and Xbox from Microsoft, and to break through it. The platform will be full of video games to play with a computer, television, tablet, or smartphone device. The games have to be downloaded and will run on Google’s servers, so the player doesn’t have a powerful computer or game console required.

in Stages, starting 19 november, to be available in fourteen countries, including Belgium. If you are already in the Stages of purchase, the so-called “Premiere edition,” to pay 129 euros, and will be replaced with a dedicated controller, and a Chromecast, Ultra, to games, to tv, to books. We also already have a three-month subscription to ” Stages of the pro, after that $ 9.99 per month fee. Some of the games are not included in the plan and must be purchased separately. The next year, there is also a version on the market that have no monthly costs, but the games are still in a lower-quality stream.

One of the first games in which the Stages appear is called ” Baldur’s gate 3 of the Belgian gameontwikkelaar Larian Studios.

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