now, With a doodle on the home page to Google, put in the internetgigant, the Belgian inventor of the fenakistiscoop, Joseph Plateau, in the spotlight. The fenakistiscoop has a lot of meaning to the film. The least of the work of the inventors in 41 countries, on the Google home page to show as a result of the 218de a happy birthday.

It’s a tribute and shows a variety of artwork as you take the bomb to the other devices to look at it, there is a complete kitchen that will hang up on him, and he’s a bubble blower.

for example, If a young scientist has discovered this, and described the Plateau as a phenomenon of the lichtnawerking: a physical phenomenon where an image, in a very short period of time on the retina of the eye continues to “hang out”. Joseph, however, is the Plateau’s best known for his fenakistiscoop, it is a series of drawings showing different bewegingsfases. If you move the disk from which the drawings were made, they appear to be in motion. The fenakistiscoop was the forerunner of the cinematograph, which has laid the foundation for the filmprojecter. In this way, it is a very important link in the chain, has been in the film industry.

The Belgian designer, was born in 1801 in Brussels, and went in 1835 to work as a professor of physics at the University of Ghent in belgium. “At the university of Ghent, it needs to be remembered, by Joseph Plateau as a multi-disciplinary thinker, lover. His curiosity was to him, as a scientist, but his creativity helped to ensure that it really is cutting edge research is conducted,” said Susan Lucas, director of the future of The university Museum (GUM), which is also in the collections of the Plateau will be preserved and put on display.

Today, Joseph Plateau, was still in Ghent, among others, the Joseph Plateaustraat, and the Joseph Plateau Award-Film Fest Ghent in belgium.

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