Good-day-care centre law: the search for The silver bullet


There is the irresistible urge of the Federal government, in the issues to interfere, which do not concern them. Based on the strange view that only the Federal government had to drag the thing, so that something useful comes out of it. The best example of this is the “Good-Kita-law”, which is to say, in the name is Good day care centers only if the Federal government pays it.

Who with his child in front of the Kindergarten, knows, in the future, but still less than it is today, who is responsible for what costs, who is responsible for what quality, who is responsible for which equipment is responsible: the Federal government, the state, the County, the city? The Federal government has not taken 16 agreements with the countries, to experience again, what happens with Federal money, all too often, The countries do what they want. The purpose is now to be lashed, but that the means to disguise the more the responsibility.

Because these resources are also limited, the question is: and then? Then the equally strong desire of countries to steal from their responsibilities is likely. Good daycare centers would be similar to how good schools are a proven Instrument in the countries to advertise themselves and their respective policies? The Attempts among the countries, the awareness of competition is kept alive, to be made by laws such as the about the day-care centres, but also by the “digital Pact” to nothing. Of the rejection of the Digitalpakts in the Federal Council, one should not deceive: most of the countries, not to their autonomy, but that the Federal government wanted to force them to co-Finance the digital equipment of the schools. But that would be actually totally your job to provide good nurseries.