Goncalo Paciencia in the interview: I’m not afraid of anything anymore


    We are sitting in the Warm, but you still wear a hat. The Training in the freezing cold is just behind them. The moment-to-moment minus is your grade?

    no, I experience for the first Time in my career. I gotta get used to that myself. It’s not so easy, because I am out of my home to Portugal in the usual way. Snow on the football field is unknown territory for me. But I must hide the cold and me to the Essential, the football focus. I love the football. As the outside temperature plays no role. We have to adapt to the weather and not Vice versa. We have to play in the current conditions faster and may not hold the Ball so long at the foot.

    Ante Rebic, Luka Jovic and Sebastien Haller: The Frankfurt herd of Buffalo is in soccer-Germany all the rage. What is the name from the animal Kingdom you would miss as a striker?

    Oh, this is hard (laughs). I also have something of a Buffalo, I don’t have to hide. One could therefore speak of a four-man herd of Buffalo. But I have in other properties. With my profile as a professional football player I of Concord can help as well.

    what are your Strengths?

    I am a fast and technically skilled players. My Strengths lie in the financial statements. I will meet in case of doubt, rather than goals to prepare. But I’m not Egoist, but a very team of relevant players. I want to throw the properties in the scale-pan, which our coach Adi Hütter asked of me. I add me in the to me is the role of thought absolutely. If I am to be a Buffalo, I am another Buffalo.

    The harmony has a lot of top-striker. How do you deal with this competition? Currently they are in the hierarchy, only the number four.

    Because of my knee injury, I’m a few months down, I am, so to speak, been thwarted. During my recovery process, there is a certain Serenity came over me. The strength of the team and the good vibes have radiated to me. Our great quality in the Offensive with this individual class leads to a huge competition. This puts all. We want to and need to all perform at a high level. So far, I couldn’t show my skills yet. But I’m going to do yet. I came to Eintracht to be just the striker number two or three. However, I am not saying that I’m better than Rebic, Jovic or Haller and I’m taking away the square. We are in front of each other all have a high respect.

    you are 24 years old. What is your personal match plan for the Concord?

    If I get my Chance, I need to use them. No matter whether it will be five, ten, or more minutes. Adi Hütter purely throw me, I need to show my best side. I am prepared for all eventualities.

    Are you a mentally strong person, and right there, when it comes down to it?

    Yes, I would judge me. Me throwing something from the train, because I have experienced in my life, a few bad things. I’ve coped well. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. And with all the Experienced I kept a Smile on his face.

    What have you experienced?

    I could tell you a lot. When I was 15 years old, we have been in our house robbed. In Portugal, everyone knows that. I was held a gun to his temple. My family and I were detained for an hour and a half from the offenders. This is a terrible and drastic experience will always remain in my head. It’s not going away. But we as a family know more.