Exciting News for Godzilla Fans: How to Watch Legally

As the streaming platform war continues to heat up, Netflix has made a huge move that will delight Godzilla fans and dismay much of the competition. Netflix tames Godzilla in the face of increasing competition in the current television landscape, American networks must get creative and sign bolder deals to beat their rivals. As the market leader, Netflix has posted an announcement on its social networks that could convince many users to keep their subscription to the red N platform.

On its page, Netflix announced a major news: Godzilla: Minus One by Takashi Yamazaki will be available on its catalog starting this Saturday, June 1, 2024, from 9 am (French time). This is excellent news for fans of the film, as well as for those who missed its release and can now catch up. It is important to note that this news does not concern Netflix France, as they are unable to broadcast the film due to media chronology. However, it is possible to use a VPN to bypass the platform’s geo-restrictions and enjoy the American catalog. It is important to remember that this act is completely legal.

For a reminder, Godzilla: Minus One was a huge success worldwide. This first Japanese Godzilla film since the excellent Shin Godzilla, which is among our top 15 favorite Japanese films, felt like a true return to its roots. It received rave reviews for its intelligent handling of controversial themes on Japanese soil, as well as for its stunning visual effects, despite a budget well below American productions, which earned it an Oscar at the last ceremony.

This Netflix announcement is significant and solidifies the platform’s position as the absolute leader in the international distribution of Japanese pop culture productions. In addition to becoming Crunchyroll’s biggest rival for Japanese animation series, the company has signed lucrative deals with major Japanese studios, starting with Studio Ghibli, of which they have acquired exclusive VOD distribution rights. This deal allowed them to announce a few months ago the upcoming release of Hayao Miyazaki’s latest masterpiece, The Boy and the Heron (news that concerns Netflix France this time).

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