Gloss to the mask debate – We no sauniggel Switzerland, but the Swiss are predestined to wear in PUBLIC a mask. Because their history is a story of becoming.Linus Schöpfer9 you Kommentare9Macht today actually, just for the Fun of it: man digs hole.Photo: /iStockphoto

In the dark ages of the Eidgenoss made on the ground, best if into a hole. He knew it, and it was the only way. You have to sorry to say so dramatically: We were a agree people of Sauniggeln.

distant times, fortunately. Since then, Switzerland has a stupendous Hygiene career. Your Cleanliness has become a stereotype. Think of “Asterix in Switzerland”: the room, so clean, that the barbarians will leave frightened again. Traffic signs, freshly polished and spick and span.

Admittedly, at the moment, we adorn ourselves a little, to wear masks in PUBLIC. But not for long: If the office calls his people back to the buses and trains are stuffed full of – well – us, then every nose is going to be embarrassing as a fart in a Lift.

Proud of the school dental care

However, stringent breeding were usually necessary so that Switzerland could be the Champion of cleanliness. Cholera, for example: they forced the city of Zurich, starting in the 1860s consistently toilets with water flushing to introduce, writes the medical historian Flurin Condrau.

The common Swiss only stopped the bad habit to spit his snot on the ground, as the shrinkage was banned addicts haunting of tuberculosis treated and the Spitting is punishable.

And the Goblin caries was expelled from the 1960’s out of the country. Teachers had complained about the students, their broken teeth, they hurt as hell, to not think of math and reading.

Since then, Mrs and Mr Swiss polishing every evening the pearly whites. The school dental care had become “a hallmark of Switzerland”, says proudly, Giorgio Menghini, dental professionals of the University of Zurich.

As Schiller already

In the 20 said. Century, we lifted the plaster craze to a new Level. On the Bahnhofstrasse you could pour a Minestrone, and from there auflöffeln, noted James Joyce, so clean, it was not there. Comparatively little stained, Switzerland came out of the world wars, she cleaned, cleaned and waschte and refined (money, of course).

And now the Coronavirus. It teaches us how unappetizing the constant nose blowing and Schnuddern is, what can squat for Awful in our mouths. That it is, a mask in front of it to jam. What’s the name of it, but in Schiller’s “Wilhelm Tell”, the fourth lift, the first scene? “Over throw all of the Shaam, the mouth of truth”. If that is not prompt.

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