“Not everything depends on us.” This is what the National Council for Ecological Transition (CNTE) explains to us in its opinion made public this Thursday, May 4. This council is the body for dialogue on ecological transition and development. sustainable.

As the website of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion explains to us: “Each year, the council is informed of the evolution of the national performance and sustainable development indicators to measure the progress of the ecological transition. ”.

According to him, the French must adapt to the environmental observations that have been made. We know today that the situation is inevitable. Therefore, it is our duty to prepare ourselves. Global warming, which is now causing a major drought in Europe (Spain even broke the temperature record last April), is far from calming down.

We can certainly expect temperatures of up to more than 4°C in mainland France in the years to come. Even if a general awareness is beginning to take hold, we must prepare for future exceptional heat waves on French territory. This is why the CNTE “proposes to retain, for the trajectory of adaptation to climate change, the general hypothesis of a global warming of 3°C by the end of the century, crossing 1.5°C in 2030 and 2°C in 2050”, according to BFMTV.