A New York pizzeria serves the world’s smelliest fruit on one of its pizzas. The unique smell of the durian divides the opinions of guests.

The pizzas at the D.T. restaurant in Queens, New York, are on everyone’s lips thanks to more than just their taste. As the New York Post reports, the pizzeria uses durian, also known as the stink fruit, as a pizza topping. The pizzas topped with the world’s foulest-smelling fruit are sold for $14 (13 euros) a slice.

According to the New York Post, the smell of durian is reminiscent of the smell of escaping gas. BR24 compares the smell of the fruit to that of rotten onions. According to BR24, the smell is released because durian contains the rare amino acid ethionine, which in turn releases a foul-smelling enzyme.

Despite its strong smell, which has even led to a ban on eating it on public transport and in hotels in Vietnam and Singapore, the prickly tropical fruit is considered a delicacy in Southeast Asia. According to the New York Post, its taste is reminiscent of a mixture of caramel and vanilla with a slightly bitter note. In China and Thailand, durian pizza has been on the menu in many restaurants for many years.

One D.T. restaurant customer, Yuam Bing Liu, 36, confessed to the New York Post, “I don’t want to smell it too much – just a little bit gives me a headache.” Still, she indulges in a durian pizza on her lunch break. She did, however, praise the pizza’s taste as sweet and “very rich,” thanks to the grilled mozzarella cheese that covers it.

Other New York restaurants are also experimenting with the infamous fruit, which can grow as big as a football. Jeffrey Wang, owner of East Village coffee shop Not As Bitter, reported that his best-selling menu item is a durian latte.

An article in Wanderlust Magazine, which highlights unusual pizza creations around the world, shows that it is not only in the Big Apple that people experiment with original pizza toppings. In Sweden, for example, pizza is often topped with bananas, refined with an obligatory pinch of curry powder and served as a “Jessica Special” in the Formaggio Pizzeria in Kungsholmen.

In Russia, however, pizza chefs in Moscow have reinterpreted the Quattro Formaggi by topping a pizza with four different types of fish, according to Wanderlust Magazine. The Mockba pizza, topped with sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon, is generously garnished with onions, herbs and a generous portion of caviar – and always served cold.

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