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The kitesurfing, Gisela Pulido, eleven times champion of the world, he returned to training in the sea, and recognizes that, “after a confinement so long-the sensation of feeling the wind on your face and be able to be in contact with the sea is something unique and amazing” .

“That’s what you miss, like being able to be in social contact with my friends, the power to go to see him, but not being able to return to the sea has been the most I’ve noticed”, adds.

yet Still maintains many precautions of estrangement: “View the terraces made me not one wanted to go out a lot, because there is still a risk of contagion and I don’t want to be a week in bed with a fever. Except when I’m in the water training I wear the mask”.

Since the last week in Tarifa (Cádiz), the place of residence entered in the phase 1, is already training in the water and now leads an intense week. is “On the second day I already started to train, but only by the morning, but since Friday of last week, are the wind conditions, what allowed you already do-to-stop sessions of four or two hours depending on the intensity of the wind” , he says.

During the confinement remained an intense physical preparation and this has helped in the return to training in the water as it “this has meant that I have found very well, especially in the recovery for the next day. I feel very well physically, even with more energy.”

Since the kite was appointed to the olympic discipline in the Paris 2024, at the end of November 2018, Polishing decided to be at this appointment. To the middle of last year started an intensive preparation with this objective and in these moments is the only athlete female in the kite-surfing Plan of Modernization of the Real Federación Español de Vela (RFEV) that should be out equipment olympic that will be in the Games of 2024.

“not Yet I have communicated but now all my preparation is with this lens. We do not yet have competition, but the World cup will be in September in China and the European has been postponed, but it will do the same. I am very happy, because, in principle, it seems that started it all, but will have to see how it evolves this and there are no spikes in the winter. If all goes well, we will be able to compete already in August” , indicates.

The modality olympic kitesurfing will be by hydrofoil (table with ailerons) in mixed relay and starboard (speed). At 26 years, the Spanish is the best kitesurfing in the world in ‘freestyle’ (free-style) and reveals that now only trains in speed: “I don’t have time for the ‘freestyle’ and if I want to arrive perfectly prepared at Paris because there is no other option: speed”.

In the group of kitefoil that enters in the olympic programme English for Paris 2024 she is the only girl: “Even I could change a lot the thing and get out some more. Personally I’m going to keep training to stop because my goal is not to be the best in Spain but the best in the world. It is a pity that there are not more girls in Spain, but I have my goals very clear.”

“There are two or three more girls, but it is true that don’t move much towards the competitions of the highest level. I am with my coach (Aleksei Chibizov, residing for five years at the current Rate) and I am totally dedicated to this, I hope that the results will coming” , concrete.