Didier Deschamps Defends Jules Koundé Amid Criticism

Before the latest friendly match of the French national team, gearing up for Euro 2024, the manager Didier Deschamps addressed the media in the pre-match press conference. He responded to a question regarding the controversial former Bordeaux player, Jules Koundé, who has been under scrutiny from both the media and fans. France will face Canada this Sunday at the Matmut Atlantique Stadium.

Deschamps was asked about his decision to consistently call up Jules Koundé to the national team despite criticism. He praised Koundé’s versatility and ability to play in different positions across various systems. Deschamps emphasized the importance of players respecting their coaches’ instructions and highlighted Koundé’s experience, despite still being a young player.

The manager acknowledged the criticism faced by Koundé, stating that he believes in the player and trusts him to deliver on the field. Deschamps pointed out Koundé’s improved consistency in performance, particularly during the latter part of the season with Barcelona.

While acknowledging the challenges faced by Koundé, Deschamps expressed confidence in the player’s abilities and reiterated his belief in his potential for the national team. The manager’s support for Koundé comes amidst ongoing debates surrounding the player’s form and role within the team.

(Photo by Daniel Derajinski/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon Sport