A living legend of the seventh art who marked generations. From her debut in 1946, Gina Lollobrigida shone in notable films at the cinema, such as Fanfan la tulipe, Louder than the devil, Pain, Amour and Fantasy. From the 1950s, she distinguished herself in the mythical roles of Esmeralda, in Notre-Dame de Paris, or in Solomon and the Queen of Sheba at the end of the decade.

A star face on the big screen, Gina Lollobrigida multiplies media appearances and wins numerous awards, including a Golden Globe in 1961. Popular with the public, her beauty and charm seduce the biggest fans of this former Miss contestant. But, before bursting the screen, the Italian star had already won the heart of one man in particular.

In 1949, Gina Lollobrigida married doctor Milko Skofic, who became her impresario. The spouses welcomed their only son Milko Junior in 1957, the latter will give him a grandson Dimitri (born in 1994). After 22 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1971. With a career in decline and the end of her marriage, the Italian icon retired from media life to indulge her passion for sculpture and photography.

A few years later, Gina Lollobrigida was again talked about for her relationship with Javier Rigau, a Spanish entrepreneur 34 years younger than her whom she met at the Monte Carlo Festival in 1984. While the latter wanted to pass the finger ring, the Italian star had yet tried to cancel their marriage. “Since we announced this marriage, Javier has been plagued by lies and defamation. He can’t take it anymore. For now, there will be no wedding. Period ! “, she told the Italian agency Ansa. However, in 2010, she discovered that this man had married her (against the will of the star). “He made me sign some papers in Spanish, supposedly to sue his lawyer,” she reportedly told the media.

A misfortune never coming alone, Gina Lollobrigida would have been the victim of a scam by her gardener Andrea Piazzolla. Hired by the famous actress in 2009, this sulphurous man was accused by the son of the actress, as well as her second ex-husband, of having extracted three million euros from him. While an investigation for abuse of weakness had been opened according to Paris Match, the famous actress had defended her confidant, and to be critical of those close to our colleagues. “They decided to put me to death in a despicable way like you don’t even do with criminals!” “. Back in pictures on the career of the Italian actress through her little-known shots.