the Thirteen guests at a table in Wiethagen, in the Eastern part of Germany, with its high and has fallen ill after they make a mistake it had been eating. The person in charge of the cake was the wrong cake from the freezer, taken out and served it for a model with a hash in it, according to the local law enforcement to the AP.

The police department of the city of Rostock reported on Tuesday, after a funeral at the German Wiethagen ( is not a joke, btw ed. ), the attendees are going to a restaurant, went to get a cup of coffee and a cake and eat it. That is, it is a tradition in some parts of the country. Is High, the present is not. When you eat the cake and have been for thirteen attendees, nausea, and others have been very dizzy. According to the police, they need medical attention.

Now it turns out that the woman, who is responsible for the area error. She had her 18-year-old daughter asked for the cake to bake, and for that to happen. In the same freezer and saved the girl, also it (the cake made with cannabis, ed. ) for her friends to take care. Apparently her mother made the wrong cake, thawed, and served. According to the police, was that a cake is more suitable for “other opportunities”.

The police department has an investigation open into an 18-year-old girl. The incident dates back to August, but out of respect for the next of kin, the police, the facts have now shown.