the Mojito, a brand-new puppy was born in the German-Wermelskirchen, his name will not be stolen.

the Guy In Justice, had to be a little behind the ear scratch as she is the color of the cute little puppy and commented. “The fur-lined coat with an eye-catching green appearance,” she said to the news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur. “It would not be expected to have a Golden Retriever.”

Photo: Marcel Küsch/ap

Initially afraid of the woman, that is, there is something seriously wrong with the dog, but she was soon put at ease by her doctor of veterinary medicine.

“it would appear that the green color is caused by a biliverdine, a galkleurstof in the placenta of the mother. The other eight brothers and sisters, from the Mojito bar were the normal white. ”

The green illusion is a temporary phenomenon. After a couple of washes will make Mojito for a lichtblonde coat.