The new football coach is Toni Söderholm. The obligation of the 40-year-old Finns, according to dpa-information perfect. Söderholm will be presented in Munich on Thursday as the new Coach of the Olympia-the Second of Pyeongchang. Until then, the German ice hockey does not want to Express-Bund (DEB) officially. Predecessor Marco Sturm had left the DEB in November, to be in the North American professional League Kotrainer the Los Angeles Kings.

Söderholm, although as coach of the SC Riessersee from the third Reich into sixteen top League, but anything other than a Nobody. Unlike the storm, the 2015 surprisingly, the national coach and in his tenure the most successful national coach of the DEB story was, Söderholm already have some experience as a Coach. The good German-speaking Finn finished in 2016, his career as a master player of the EHC Red Bull Munich, and made in the organization of the master series quickly made a name. From Munich, he was seconded to the cooperation partner Riessersee as a Coach.

“I believe that if you get a contract, this is an advantage for the DEB,” said Olympic captain Marcel Goc of the German press Agency. “I think he is not one that makes a lot of fuss, but all that you ask, are very excited.” Already in the previous week, it was reported that Söderholm desire is the candidate of the DEB, who had previously also asks for the former national team captain Harold circle. The 59-Year-old but got no release from his Club Düsseldorfer eg. With the Red Bull München, where Söderholm was still under contract and actually the successor of successful coach Don Jackson (62) should be built, there was less of a problem. In the meantime, the contract with söderholm is signed at the DEB.