German Investment backlog: € 25 billion lying around unused


    The Federal government appear to be around 25 billion euros of unused funds for investments. The result, according to the editors ‘ network, Germany (Thursday) calculations of the Union Bundestag group. As reasons for the jam overwhelmed the planning offices in the Federal government, States and municipalities, as well as a busy construction industry.

    according to The calculations, the “surplus balances” in the various investment titles in the Federal budget amounted to a total of 14 billion euros, it said. So, be flown down from the 4.4 billion euros for the expansion of broadband only 100 million euros. Would not resources consumed in a number of special pots in the amount of almost 9 billion euros.

    The concerns about the 2015 formed “municipal investment promotion Fund” from which, among other things, renovation of schools or urban investments can be financed. Of the 7 billion, only 900 million euros have been used, reported in the RND.

    in addition to so-called “self-management resources had not been used” by almost 2 billion euros so far. This Instrument is mainly used by the Ministry of education and research. It allows science facilities to Park unused funds on an account and to use it only in subsequent years.