Gérard Lanvin, legendary French actor with an impressive filmography, is not a man to take. Since 1984, he has shared the life of ex-disco singer Jennifer, whose real name is Chantal Benoist. The latter made a name for herself in 1976 with her first album Do It For Me and then with the song Love Has A Taste Of Tears in 1977.

Alongside her musical career, she acted in a few French and Italian films including Figlio delle stelle, Geppo il folle as well as in the feature film Me Want You, in which her husband also played. The star couple is the parent of two children: Léo Lanvin and singer Manu Lanvin.

In the program Seven to eight, presented by Audrey-Crespo Mara on April 18, 2021, the actor Gérard Lanvin had evoked his sentimental life and more particularly as his wife had supported him since his beginnings. “I have a woman too, whom I love, and who made me as a man”, he had started by affirming and adding: “She, she has always been there, in any case figure, in very complicated times when you are in financial difficulty… because people think you are rich, etc. But all that does not exist, we are acrobats. When you go two or three years without working, what happened to me, you have to have a heroine next to you, someone who tells you ‘It doesn’t matter, we’ll do something else, don’t worry'”.

A relationship that has, however, experienced “ups and downs”, as he had told Nathalie Levy on Canal . “Of course, there were ups and downs like in all associations, but in this case it was always settled and it was settled because our two temperaments are complementary. It’s an exact story”, he said.

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