He is the elephant in every room he enters. If he comes out, changes the mood of the scene, as if someone had replaced the lamps: The Scenes are shrinking, the Femme fatale is only half as fatal; the young Hero suddenly looks pale. Now there’s only one shines, Depardieu, the Titan of the cinema. It’s called presence, but basically it is more the future than the present: the feeling that at any moment anything can happen, just because this man stands in front of the camera, cries and Whispers, of love and violence. And then, flawlessly, he lifts with a sentence, the eyebrows, the voltage on twitch, and the game continues as if nothing had happened, nothing but his immense presence.

Andreas Kilb

feuilleton correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

In recent times, has made Gérard Depardieu more to the monkeys than the monkeys played. He moved to Belgium to avoid the French income tax. He has let Vladimir Putin, the Russian citizenship. He has not urinated on an Air France flight in a bottle, because he was on the toilet. He has committed hit-and-run and several times for drunk and his driver’s license forfeited. The last low blow is the Rape case of a young actress, he rode promptly best.

last spring the Graphic Novel “Gérard – Five years, appeared on the coat-tails of Depardieu” of the French comic book author Mathieu Sapin, who was allowed to accompany the actor from 2012 to 2016, on his travels. In it you can see the movie star as unleashed meatball by his Villa in Paris stomp, and in a village in the Caucasus, his Fans welcome; he sits brooding in a cemetery on the Caspian sea, then re-stuffs and he pours everything into it, what he finds in eating and Drinking; and, as always, when it comes to Depardieu, one gets of it all is never enough.