Clooney used his wife Amal Clooney as a reason for the decision.

George Clooney is a master at saying no, even when morals kick in.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Clooney revealed details about the multi-million-dollar payday that he had turned down previously. Clooney, 60 years old, answered a question about his fortune as an actor and entrepreneur. This allowed him to be more open-minded to accepting other gigs if necessary.

He explained that he was offered $35 million to work on a commercial for an airline. However, he spoke with Amal about the matter and decided it wasn’t worth it. It was associated with a country that, even though it is an ally, can be questionable at times. So I thought, “Well, if it takes one minute of sleep from me, it’s probably not worth it.”

Clooney was referring specifically to Amal Clooney (43), a human rights lawyer. They were married in Venice, Italy, in 2014. and had two children: twins Alexander and Ella .

The “Ocean’s Eleven” star is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs and make public statements about them. He’s made numerous passionate pleas to tabloids not to post photos of children of celebrities, even of his own twins, in recent years.

Clooney demanded a boycottof nine luxurious hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei in 2019 because of the harsh laws that were being imposed on them, which included laws to criminalize the LGBTQ population. After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland in Florida in 2018, Clooney wrote a touching letter to his students. He expressed his pride in their activism, and offered his support for their efforts in gun control.

Clooney later revealed that his father was another source of inspiration and reason for Clooney’s integrity in an interview with The Guardian. Clooney’s father Nick is a well-known news anchor for his journalistic integrity.

He explained that both my parents are respected in their home and that he wouldn’t mind embarrassing them. “Also my dad had a rule for me: “I don’t care about what you do in your life, but I challenge those with more power than you, and defend those who have less power.”

Clooney stated that he “likes a good fight” but admitted to being teased by TV hosts for his activism.

He said, “But, I would be so ashamed, if, for example, in this Trump regime, I hadn’t been on record of being against some horrible things he’d done.” “My children would be like, ‘So, they were putting children in cages and you didn’t say anything?’ This is not as bad as the shame that I’d feel