His wife Amal and the ‘Midnight Sky Star’ star conferred on the decision

George Clooney doesn’t have a problem saying no.

The 60 year-old actor has become a household name as one of Hollywood’s most bankable and famous stars. He’s happy with the fortune he has amassed over the years.

Clooney spoke to The Guardian recently about his upcoming feature ” The Tend Bar”. He was also asked if he is content with the amount of money he has earned.

He admitted, “Well, yeah.” “I was offered $35m to work one day for an airline commercial. But I spoke with Amal [his spouse] and decided it wasn’t worth it.”

The ” Star of Midnight Sky”, who is known to be a part of advertising campaigns for companies such as Nespresso, also shared what prompted him to decline the large payday.

He explained that it was associated with a country which, even though it is an ally, can be questionable at times.

Clooney and Amal, a 43 year-old human rights lawyer, were married for the first time in 2014. They have twins, Ella and Alexander, who are four years old.

Clooney, despite being one of Tinseltown’s most well-known faces, has been slowing down in accepting roles on screen.

He said that “generally, there just aren’t that many great pieces.” of his resume. “And, look, you don’t have the obligation to act.”

Clooney stated that he and Amal had a conversation about their high-profile careers when he reached 60 in May.

“I told him: “I can still bounce around pretty well, and we both love doing what we do. The actor said, “But we have to make sure that we don’t get ourselves into silly situations.” It’s about us living our lives.

He said that he won’t be stopping, and that he is about to travel to Australia to film “Ticket to Paradise” together with Julia Roberts, before joining forces with Brad Pitt to make another film this summer.