Not beating, but a young, handsome, and brave, performance. And with that, good report and returns to the RC Genk came back from Liverpool, where it’s up against the best team in the world, only just by 2-1 in the thumb and had to leave. The Figures are mathematically eliminated for a place in the eight-finals.

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in the top match against Manchester City at the prospect of the authorities and Jürgen Klopp are the values Mané, Firmino, Henderson, Lovren, and Robertson quiet. Divock Origi was the one starting against his former club. Felice Mazzu picked up for the first time, with three central defenders in the 5-3-2 was not the balvaste Onuachu, but it’s very fast to Ito’s spitsbroeder of Samatta.

The compact Genk block is done in the great football temple, a faint openingsoffensief, Ito was supposed to be a quick tegenstoot even teruggevlagd to be a very debatable offside position.

now, However, that high conversions were becoming more and more scarce, and yet, for a quarter of an hour he Racing the avoidable opening goal. Milner was given a lot of space to the left of the cross, which (un)fortunately, via Cuesta, Dewaest to the feet of Wijnaldum collided. From there, the Dutch international is at the top of the goal.


The 1-0 seemed to be in the Uk to let it go. Salah shot another two times, beside the point, however, the expected hustle and bustle of the nose to the tip of Coucke did not happen. Genk tankte of oxygen, because it is better able to put the ball in the squad to keep up. The led just before half-time to make a sharp header by Maehle, in which Alexander, Arnold, the incoming Samatta is a fraction faster than it was.

It turned out to be only a postponement of the execution of the Genk topschutter hit in the corner During the first post staalhard against the nets (1-1). A tried and tested formula, that is, provided that the correct timing is, therefore, against the best team in the world to be a success. Thanks Genkies have been crazy, and it’s impressive, “Samagoal!” carried away his even to The Cup .

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Anfield Road, and was still recovering from the optater, when the original production, Alexander-Arnold, just as the new lead, the four of us. So, if it’s screaming Genk regiment a quarter of an hour of intense enjoyment, of a hoped-for stand-by. The Genk fans were at the same time, in a rush, Even towards The Cup . The pressure at the start of the second half, and appeared to be sterile, but a small hole is enough for the defending champions, in order to save it. Just like in the first leg, it was Alex’s < / I> of The Ox , Oxlade-Chamberlain, who is deadly efficient, it showed. From the turn, and on the left, Coucke had no chance (2-1).

Mazzu scored.

Liverpool was not satisfied with that, took the lead. The Upside lap, woke up, and the danger seemed to be everywhere and to come. While the energy wegsijpelde of the daring of Genk legs, and the hieltjes and overstapjes is stored in the Genk sixteen feet. But to finish him off stayed off and re-started the visitors and the press. Thank you for a very, Sander On, and a further two in the paint to put up as to why he’s high on the to-do lists of international top clubs have one. The plan Felice Mazzu scored points with his new veldbezetting, which is quite a lot of players the best seems to be. Racing is hard and compact, and stable in the most difficult times is an important foundation.

a Colleague Jürgen Klopp wasn’t quite sure, and pulled out his supersubs Mané and Robertson on the bench. But the Racing continued to be his opportunity to believe, and it was the egg as a reward for so much courage and determination. The Norre isolated During hard uithaalde left. Alisson kept his team right; he had to content himself with a second time on a sharp header by Maehle.

Mazzu and threw Onuachu and Bongonda his last two trump cards on the table. A publicity stunt has yielded no more to it, but the Racing should still hold their heads high and to a standing ovation Anfield exit. This performance of the trust in the run-up to the crucial match against AA Gent on Sunday. Using the same block, aggressiveness, and courage during the competition in the remonte that can be used.

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Photo: Photo in the News