Due to Corona – Geneva Auto Salon back in 2022?The Foundation of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) waived a loan of the Canton of Geneva. And doubt one implementation of the auto show in March 2021. Dieter Liechti0 comment auto fans will have to wait until 2022 for the next Auto Salon in Geneva. GIMS

“After the cancellation of the GIMS 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus and its economic consequences in the organization of the event, Ombudsman Foundation, has asked the Canton of Geneva for financial support. The Geneva Council of state then proposed to grant, under certain conditions, a support in the Form of a loan of 16.8 million francs. Since the conditions are contrary to the articles of Association of the Foundation, sees this, unfortunately, forced to waive the loans,” according to the media release, the new GIMS-General Director Sandro Mesquita published this afternoon.

The waiver of the loan taken by surprise because the cancellation of the trade fair last March caused a loss of around 11 million Swiss francs. “Unfortunately, the conditions to which the loan is made and are not intended, in particular, the full sub-allocation of the exhibition including conceptualization of the Palexpo SA, for the Foundation and are acceptable to”, it means more. “In addition, the implementation of the event in 2021 – is a further condition in connection with the urgency clause, the currently very uncertain.” In clear text: The Salon of 2021 will probably be deleted also, because the main manufacturers recommend the organizers, “the next issue for 2022 to be provided”.

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