(Cupertino) Apple presented Monday, in Cupertino (California), Apple Intelligence, a new system for optimizing the use of its devices, from the iPhone to the Mac, thanks to generative artificial intelligence (AI), a highly anticipated new device.

At the center of Apple Intelligence, the American firm has placed the Siri assistant, which has benefited from a radical update, supposed to allow it to catch up with recent products launched by OpenAI or Microsoft.

To do this, the Apple company entered into a partnership with OpenAI, which opened a new era for generative AI in November 2022 with the arrival of ChatGPT.

“We are very excited to partner with Apple to bring ChatGPT to their devices later this year! I think you’ll really enjoy it,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wrote on X.

“We believe that Apple Intelligence will become indispensable to products that already have an essential role in our lives,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook during a presentation broadcast online.

Apple Intelligence is intended to be a feature that improves and simplifies the use of devices and their applications.

The user can make requests to Siri in writing or orally.

Apple highlighted the ability of its generative AI interface to make decisions and choose relevant elements based on the user-specific characteristics of the iPhone or iPad in question.