Gears of War: E-Day Officialized, Marcus and Dom are Back in a Prequel!

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! Nearly 5 years after the release of Gears 5, The Coalition has officially announced a brand new installment. While many of us were expecting the announcement of Gears 6, the studio unveiled Gears of War: E-Day, a game that marks the return of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago.

Gears 6 has finally been confirmed, and it looks absolutely stunning under the Unreal Engine 5!

Gears of War: E-Day takes us back to Emergence Day. As revealed in the trailer, we will see the two iconic characters from the original trilogy in their younger versions as they embark on their battle against the Locust invasion.

With this new installment, The Coalition aims to recreate and enhance the third-person action characteristic of the series, charging between cover in life or death situations, all within an explosive campaign that combines satisfying gameplay and emotionally-driven storytelling focused on the characters.

However, all of this is presented through a modern lens and grounded in revolutionary technology, giving The Coalition the opportunity to truly expand on these elements. It’s a delicate balance: a classic Gears of War game that feels authentic alongside the original, but leveraging next-generation technology.

Set 14 years before the events of Gears of War, this game tells the story of the Locusts’ first appearance on Sera. Players can expect these iconic enemies of the franchise to be formidable, physically intimidating, brutal, and not just mere cannon fodder.

This new installment, developed under Unreal Engine 5, is not a spin-off; it is a brand new entry in the main series. The Coalition emphasizes that the other stories in the franchise have not been abandoned, so we can expect Gears 6 to come in due time.

No release date or platform has been specified yet. We invite you to discover the very first in-engine trailer with the iconic song “Mad World” that should resonate with fans of the franchise! It will be directly available on Xbox Game Pass.