Since Monday, May 22, 2023, the reference gas prices have been published on the website of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE). While Engie’s regulated gas tariffs (TRV) will disappear on July 1, 2023, this tool must provide consumers with a benchmark. A useful boost for the 12 million households using gas daily for heating or cooking.

CRE’s reference price reflects the costs borne by suppliers. In order to calculate it, CRE takes into account:

Knowing the suppliers’ costs for the month of May, CRE can thus determine the average selling price of gas for the month of June. Thus, consumers will be able to distinguish the suppliers who generate the largest margin from those who display the most competitive prices. From July 1, CRE will include these prices on its independent comparator.

The reference price serves as a benchmark for households that have subscribed to offers at indexed market prices. Consumers who have opted for a fixed-price contract offer do not have a benchmark tool. Discover in the slideshow below the reference gas prices for the month of June, according to the Energy Regulation Commission.