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Gareth Bale it will not understand never the whistles of the fans madridistas in the Santiago Bernabeu. Raised in the british football, welsh returned to show his surprise at being the target of the ire of fans of their own team . In an interview on a popular podcast about golf, the ’11’ white acknowledged his discomfort with the subject.

I’ve had to 80,000 people in a stadium silbándome because I have not played well . And it has happened to me several times! It is not pleasant nor does it do any good to your confidence,” stresses the international by Wales.

“you Can afford that if you are not having a good time in the field, your fans will support and try to help you to that best, because it will make you happy . But it seems that they do the opposite. You whistle, which consequently makes you feel worse, you lose your confidence, you play worse and it makes them be even more upset,” he argued, to illustrate his embarrassment.

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