How to water your plants this summer? With rising temperatures and heat spells, your garden is likely to suffer the consequences. To allow them to have sufficient hydration, it is possible to complete the watering with other liquids. Which ? Check out five ways to hydrate them in our slideshow below.

However, some liquids are not beneficial for hydrating your plants. Indeed, in the context of sustainable development, many French people want to find alternative solutions for their garden. Among the most popular a few years ago was gray water. False good idea or real utility?

On April 29, 2023, the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) published a warning on the reuse of water from showers, washing machines or sinks. The latter specifies that its recycling is not authorized in France “for domestic use”. The press release also tells us that “the Agency considers that the practice of reusing gray water in housing must be regulated, and should only be considered for strictly limited uses, in geographical environments affected durably and repeatedly by water shortages”.

ANSES’s conclusion results from the studied risks of using this gray water. Indeed, the latter contain particles likely to be toxic. They are in particular “contaminated by micro-organisms including pathogens and physico-chemical contaminants from washing hands, personal hygiene products and cosmetics, household cleaning products, washing surfaces and washing linen”, specifies the report. For these reasons, their use must be framed in particular by processing steps.

It is then possible to use it for watering green spaces, as well as for supplying toilet flushes. For other liquids to use to hydrate your plants, check out our slideshow below.