On the phone, by email, in the mailbox… The scammers intrude their tricks everywhere in our daily life. In the street, too, bandits do not hesitate to challenge their target to extract money or valuable information. To do this, they show an overflowing imagination, and do not hesitate to pass themselves off as a trusted third party in order to achieve their ends.

Some scams are more common in large cities, as there are more potential victims. Here are some of the most common methods:

A new trick, called the trash can scam, has caught the attention of authorities lately…

On Facebook, the community of agglomerations of Guingamp-Paimpol sounded the alarm. “We are informed of an ongoing scam in the territory. You are asked to change your household waste bins for a fee,” she says. In its publication, it recalls that the Agglomeration does not approach its inhabitants in this way, and that it offers household waste bins for sale only in recycling centers. In addition, it “provides the bin for selective collection (packaging) free of charge”.

This is not the first time that a scam of this type has claimed victims this year…

A few months ago, Current Woman echoed the same type of scam. This time, the scammers were knocking directly on their target’s door posing as a community agent. The bandits make their victims believe that they must replace the yellow bags of the inhabitants with a yellow trash can, and that payment must be made. “The individual then enters their home and takes a photo of their identity card. He takes advantage of a moment of inattention to steal money from their wallet,” explains the women’s magazine.

If an individual comes to your home, do not let him in and do not pay him any money. If in doubt, ask him for his professional card or contact the town hall.