Tanzania’s President, John Magufuli lives up to its nickname once again. Bulldozer is called the man who has ruled the country since 2015. Pretty rough, he reigns over his subjects. Time, he blows for the hunting of homosexuals, then he makes Newspapers a ban and the opposition to be locked in.

Now it should go to the dismay of conservationists, the Selous game reserve in the South of the East African country to the collar. For a long time already, the government in the Stiegler wants to gorge a dam with a 126-Meter-high and 700-Meter-wide wall built to dam up the Rufiji river, a 1100-square – kilometer lake, according to Magufuli, “so that we can win for our industrialization so important electricity”.

until now, the lack of financial means of the government in the capital, Dodoma, in order to start the controversial project. In the past week, but a contract in the presence of Magufuli and the Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly with the two Egyptian company El Mokawloon El Arab and Sewedy Electric was signed. The cost of the dam will amount to three billion dollars. As the bitterly poor country, the international financiers due to violations of human rights, strokes in the past few months, more and more grants, the loads to shoulders, is unclear.

In the Selous Game Reserve full of life

the Selous is around 50,000 square kilometers, Tanzania’s largest protected area. It covers five percent of the area of the state, since 1982, the reserve belongs to the world cultural heritage of Unesco. Despite the poaching, which has been adopted in Tanzania in the past years in epidemic proportions, frolicking in the endless Miombowäldern with your carob plants are still African wild dogs and Cape Buffalo, Lichtenstein antelope and blue Duiker, black-and-white colobus monkeys and striped jackals.

“draw herds of elephants and giraffes through the Savannah, floating hippos in the shallow water, sneaking lion on the hunt through the Grass; recently, biologists rhinos have spotted,” says the conservation organization “Save the rain forest”. In the Selous Game Reserve, the life pulsate. However, it is believed the group could soon be an end to diversity: “A planned dam in Stiegler’s Gorge would be an ecological Disaster.”

Similarly pessimistic about the WWF: “The dam would be the beginning of the end for this unique and protected wilderness area, he would flood the habitat of thousands of wild animals, Hiking trails, flood and related animal populations separate,” says John Church gate, the East Africa consultant of the WWF in Germany. The dam draw roads, industrial plants and settlements for construction workers in the midst of the protected area, and concern for noise, traffic and Dirt. “There is far more to the game than the three percent of the Park area that would be flooded. The Ecosystem of the river would be severely disrupted. The negative consequences would act up in the mangrove areas of the river deltas.“ In addition, the Rufiji river is not only the lifeline of the reserve, but also “the heart of tourism in the Region”. The existence of 200,000 people, which are economically of the Selous game reserve is in danger.