Win your Dolphin S300 pool robot for a serene summer

As the rain has been pouring down in our country and in Gironde like never before in 16 years, the desire to bring out summer outfits and enjoy the gardens is palpable. Summer is here, which means it’s time to bring out the pool! For those lucky enough to have one in their backyard, France Bleu Gironde is giving you a helping hand by offering you a new assistant to maintain your pool – the Dolphin S300!

To help you keep your pool clean at all times, win your Dolphin S300 pool robot. It is the ideal companion to have at home to clean your pool. With its dual-level filtration and numerous features, it is an essential assistant. Designed by Maytronics, this robot will free you from the most laborious tasks: multi-layer filtration, active brushing, and cleaning of the floor, walls, and waterline… You can also control it from your smartphone using the MyDorphin Plus app, while relaxing with your toes in the sun. Enjoy crystal clear water and beautiful dives with the Dolphin S300 robot!

The Dolphin S300 robot will help you keep your pool clean – Maytronics. To try to win your Maytronics Dolphin S300 robot worth €1,149 with France Bleu Gironde, it’s very simple. Fill out the form below and give us the correct answer to the question asked. You may soon be the proud owner of this super intelligent robot. Good luck!