the Antwerp-vs-Standard: 2-2. The match was in the balance, both teams had to be content with. All the Great difficulty, however, is 2-0, and it was very bad, and for the first time this season, the loss of points suffered in a home of their own. Emond has played a saviour for the Rouches, who, Lestienne are in the slot and saw out.

The action was at the resting place. In the three stands was the star of the Team were each given a giant die, and the tribune, which has the highest number of pips thrown, was given a free drink as well. Stand 1 – a, where the fans, not the beer got to during the war, as Michel Preud’homme, the last time it clear who was in charge, it was won. Congratulations Are In Order; Stand 1.

in The first half, which was less and less to the body. Antwerp, came in for the fourth year in a row, using the same eleven-to – Bölöni set his own record, if still a bit sharp. Preud’homme changed his team in four positions, which is the bolwassing at Arsenal (4-0) were able to understand it. Of the 22 parties have opted, then, for a very good study tour. 20 minutes into the match and we didn’t do anything to note, except one, wanted to shoot on the goal from Mbokani, who, as Of the Guests wanted to imitate them, and the fact that Sergio Conceiçao (ex-Standard, and for a long time now to be coach of Porto) in addition to D’onofrio in the stands and it was over.

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Little child.

Suddenly, a commotion, at least. The conservative soccer in front of Antwerp found itself at once in the r-rated, which Cimirot is so stupid to Refaelov (lightly) tapping on it. Penalties ruled the first half, the VAR didn’t either. Refaelov went after the ball in for his sixth competitiegoal, but Mbokani wanted to be clear, we would be eighth and was hard to do. For the umpteenth time, arguing with the Great difficulty to be in a stagnant stage, a gang of children… and After a lot of delay, and the intervention of a Superior, and even Lamkel Zé was Refaelov to the stairs, and then scored.

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the bad news for the home team: a couple of minutes later, it had to be Superior hurt towards the end. The sides were extra motivated against his former club, two years after the death of his father, but had to go out of the match after 25 minutes and came to a halt. He has ever since been the bead and gave it a couple of days ago that it is very, very, very quickly, to go to him for the past few weeks – easy to do so. Hongla did it.

What’s Superior?

The Standard fans will be happy – they were Superior, again covered, but with the performance of their team, they were so happy. Also Preud’homme was expecting more – a lot more successful combinations, the greater the danger, a yellow card for the final result. Lestienne got a great schietkans, but it curled all over. Carcela and Gavory (in vrijschop) targeted next. Take a rest.

The idea was that the Rouches on with renewed courage in the dressing room would come out, but it was a little different. In fact, after ten minutes, they gave up the 2-0, just as a gift. Sis thought it was the 6th of december and was in place by October 6, Mbokani has benefited the most from the bad terugspeel(h)of the dance. Strikingly, at 1-0 it was Mbokani will not come out and celebrate with Refaelov, and so it was Refaelov this time it’s also not necessary to rush to a hand-to-come. He stepped out on his own, and to feel at ease in the direction of diameter of the circle.

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Five -, and six-for-Emond).

the Match will be played? Not in the least. Once Mirallas is yet again in front of had to be kicked out, and while we’re at it, write that Bolat is still no ball to catch, was a free-standing Emond from, it doesn’t work out of the aansluitingstreffer within the bottom rail. A good cross came in from the Fai, that his mistake had been corrected. Standard only wish now is to continue to appreciate, but Amallah was Bolat is on his way, and Laifis falling apart. Antwerp was definitely not pushed out of the way, but began to back slowly to the bone. One flash and it was just a 2-2 standing. And so it came to pass. Brand new-Red Devil-Lestienne, who was later injured at the end we had to took a cross pass from the Section right in front of goal – in most cases – and the main was of Emond Tending to be quick: the internet was born. Six years of age again.

Photo: Photo in the News < / p> In the slotkwartier, it could go either way, but it occurred especially in Antwerp, however. Bodart was the distant popping of Coopman and Juklerod out of his goal in boxing. And when Mbokani as a rotating corner and just in front was, he was very, very good. Who is well off, it was Haroun, who was in the slotminuten even flirted with a penalty for Avenatti to the stairs. Neither the first half nor in the VAR, however, is a slow-down. The ultimate kopbalmisser of Mbokani continued to be in the 2-2. The first loss of points at home and that’s Great, the Old, the response of the Standard, after the most painful night in London.

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