Future Man at Amazon: Where the Wolf and the Tiger to say good night


    In times of media Abundance, it is pleasant, if a series of one to facilitate the choice. If you feel intimidated by the more noble minds. If you can be down from the first episode of the pants, and the audience knows what to expect. The series “Future Man” draws from the beginning of all the registers and rolls around by the fans in an explosive mixture of grotesquely exaggerated depictions of violence and a sense of humour, one would say at first glance that he is on the level of silly fourth graders, although everyone knows that he – Yes, perhaps predominantly men – to old age of a great popularity. You had kept this kind of at the same time repellent and heart warming riot of humor in the crush of the well-behaved, smart, and streamlined Coffee-Table-Book series, is almost extinct.

    Axel Weidemann

    editor in the features section.

    F. A. Z.

    Now, however, the Creator of the series, Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir have produced, together with for those Humor famous and infamous Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (“Sausage Party”) a raging time-travel clothes, which has the great effect that the audience travels a sense of humor, technically, by the time. That is to say: Here’s the always over-end Slapstick of the Eighties and the allusion overlap-rich and sometimes just as exhausting-reference – and fragment-the sense of humor of today. And the Future, You also quite self-aware.

    Threatened after a super vaccination

    As Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson), the last Level of the blood-soaked video game “Biotic Wars”, suddenly the two in-game characters Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) in a Hand-to-the-forehead-alien to shame the scene in the flesh in front of him. You explain that the game is only a kind of recruitment measure from the future, to make “the Savior”. Movie quote in the quote: “Welcome to the resistance”. Because in the future, the world is threatened after a failed super vaccination really of the “Biotics”.

    “This,” Josh indignantly, “is”, “The Last Starfighter’; it is exactly the same act.” He says the Film from the year 1984, in the aliens via a video game is a skilled pilot looking to end their war. It is of course much more than that: “Bill & Ted’s crazy journey through time”, mentioned in, “Back to the future”, “Terminator,” “Minority Report”, “war Games” and all sorts of inter-temporal image resonances, which range from “Easy Rider” and “Apocalypse Now” to “Breaking Bad”.

    Josh, still with his loving parents (Ed Begley Jr.) and Diane (Glenne Headly, who sadly passed away after the filming of the fifth Episode of a sudden) lives and as a janitor in a research lab is dedicated to the control of venereal diseases, has a profound Knowledge about time travel: “Can I see a dinosaur?” Only it is of little use. Because he is not the killer qualities that are expected from him qua virtual success, is crushed in the result of the logic and the reality of the game world (in the Form of a Wolf and a Tiger) and his own changing reality. Can save the situations, nevertheless, by good-nature, charity, and empathy, even if it is for his fashion-oriented do-gooder again and again, gallons of fake blood flying around the ears.

    What “Future You” – in addition to a well-rested concept of the Image (camera Brandon Trost, Cort Fey) and a loving attention to details – almost untouchable, is that nothing is sacred. Here will be kicked in all directions, beaten, and spat. And if the Gags don’t ignite, then you are at least of stirring stupidity. So the young Version of the herpes researcher Elias Kronish (Keith David) is defeated at the Party, a black student in a “Dance-off” to Josh in the astronaut costume with the nearby “Moonwalk”Moves of Michael Jackson, and someone calls excited his Cousin to tell him that he can support Cousin Michael in his dancing efforts. That he uses as a matter of course to Josh’s lost cell phone, is one of the more subtle forms of Comedy of the “Future You”.