Around the day of the libraries on Wednesday will take place every day this week, 16 to 17 PM, a different learning and Creative activities. The idea of workshop to kick off on Monday met with only one participant, however, is hardly of interest. “The need to grow,” says Graefe. He is confident that self-organizing groups, such as for Knitting or programming, a firm place in the range of libraries. The aim is, in the next year, once a month, such a maker space to offer.

“libraries are not mere books of offices,” says Manager Birgit Paul. “We are a mirror image of the city, and we must adapt to the diverse needs of the people.” A quiet place for homework, English lessons and vocational preparation for migrants, Internet research, children’s theatre, painting, E-Book lending all of the the city library offers. The “maker space” is a further element, with the acquisition of knowledge and, increasingly, of knowledge transfer is its importance as a place of encounter.

Each year, 000 visitors will find around 64 all the way to the library. Also, digitization has not changed anything. “In the Lending of books, there was definitely a break-in,” says the library Director. A majority of the approximately 4400 registered users, she suspects, has now the opportunity to borrow by so-called “eLibrary” on the website of the library of digital media such as E-Books. “As a result, we also have a reader who lives in Iceland,” says Birgit Paul.

Many young readers could gain the library by actions in kindergartens and schools in the past. And for the former Prince Walder, between 30 and 40, to have a family back in their home country, says the Director, was offered the library with their information and events is also an important point of contact.

of Course, there are also the classic, and stock up periodically with supplies. On Monday, you could meet them in the Atelier of the culture factory on the books at a flea market. A good 20 books stacked in the basket of Olivia Volkmann on top of each other, including four parts of the youth novel series “Suddenly Princess”. Three to four books a week, reading the 14-Year-old told.

With the children’s music theatre “Today is in the castle’s Grand Ball”, Wednesday, 10 p.m. (admission 4 euros), and a Tucholsky-afternoon with a cabaret artist, Wolf, Butter, Thursday, 14 PM (free admission), go on the events in the library.

This article was written by Annemarie Diehr

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