And the Oscar goes to … Not the guy in the first cut, doing the tough, pit bull is already a little unfair. It rolls all the way onto his back, with legs spread apart to lie down.

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Adventurous, the dog criss-crossed the country on an electric bike: “A disaster is when the sweets run out of road”

(Totally vets) should be no less than 32 of the rubber ducks from the stomach of a greedy dog, to remove:

More about that by any chance? Marieke Vervoort is out, free wi-fi to fulfill the last wish: “I just couldn’t stop laughing,” Boy, if by a miracle unharmed after a collision with a car, “and thanks to his backpack,” an Elderly woman breaks arm when she is the victim of a brutal handtasdiefstal Rich, the twins are going to be completely off the wall: order of sushi for a homeless man in order to have an iPhone to win