Funeral of Elizabeth II: what do we know about her lead-lined coffin?


Since the disappearance of Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, the British people have been in mourning. This Wednesday, September 14, his coffin will arrive in London to be publicly displayed 24 hours a day at the Palace of Westminster. The subjects of the former queen will thus be able to gather for no less than five days before her national funeral takes place on September 19.

The coffin of King Charles III’s mother was unveiled on September 11 as her remains were transported from Balmoral, the place of her death, to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. As British daily The Times revealed, her coffin is identical to that of late husband, Philip Mountbatten. It was made almost 30 years ago in English oak.

Another special feature is that it is lined with lead in order to remain airtight. Indeed, the coffin of the grandmother of Princes Harry and William will not be buried, but deposited in a crypt, at the Memorial of King George VI where his sister Margaret and his parents are already buried. The coffin handles are made of brass. Finally, the queen’s face will never be revealed, unlike that of Princess Grace of Monaco. A royal standard completely covers his final resting place.