Kevin Martin was a lawyer. But four years ago he decided to quit his job and travel the world. He spent the last year on cruise ships. But how much does such a lifestyle cost?

Kevin Martin from the US state of Missouri spent a year straight on cruise ships, reports the British newspaper Metro. The 48-year-old American gave up his job as a lawyer in 2019 and has been traveling around the world ever since.

In his first year he traveled to a different country every 30 days, then he lived in a van for a year and then he traded his van for a motorcycle. Martin spent the last year on cruise ships. He documents his travels on YouTube.

During his time at sea, Martin has been a guest on MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess and Royal Caribbean ships, spending most of his time in the Caribbean. “I love living on cruise ships,” he says.

In February 2024, Martin spent a month on a cruise through the Panama Canal. On YouTube, he uses this example to show how much it costs to live on a cruise ship. “I spent a total of $2,575 that month,” says Martin. That’s the equivalent of about 2,390 euros. A lot of things are already included on cruise ships, which is why he doesn’t have to spend money on food.

The only additional costs he had were $100 (about 90 euros) for his cell phone contract and $30 (about 27 euros) for food he bought during shore leave, said the 48-year-old.

The YouTuber has two tips for anyone who wants to follow Martin’s example and live on cruise ships for a longer period of time. “Make sure you book a cruise where it is easy to do laundry,” says the American. On many ships, doing laundry is very expensive. So anyone interested should clarify this before booking.

Cruise lines also have loyalty programs. The longer passengers stay on board, the more discounts they receive. Martin’s tip is: “Find out which reward program suits you.”

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