Gas Leak | Brief Evacuation of Les Petits-Castors School in Saint-Georges

Image for illustration purposes from Deposit photos

Students at Les Petits-Castors School in Saint-Georges were temporarily evacuated on Monday morning due to a gas leak. The evacuation was necessary shortly after 8:30 am as excavation work caused the gas leak.

According to the direction of the Beauce-Etchemin School Service Center, the 1st-year students “were quickly taken outside to a safe area” while the kindergarten students were directed to Lacroix School.

Frédéric Morin, the director of the Saint-Georges Fire Service, specified that neighboring residences were also evacuated during the emergency services intervention, which lasted about an hour. A power cut was also requested from Hydro-Québec.

After checks on the premises, all evacuated individuals, including the students of Les Petits-Castors School, were able to resume their activities. No one was affected by the gas leak.