The tariff shield relating to electricity and gas prices will be renewed in 2023, according to a government announcement dated September 14. However, homes heating with oil do not logically benefit from this protection relating to their purchasing power, while they are also facing soaring prices.

Faced with this outbreak, the government introduced, following the adoption of the 2023 finance bill, the payment of two additional energy checks, in addition to the classic check paid annually to certain households in the spring.

One is simply for the bottom 40% of homes, and the other has been designed specifically for oil-fired homes. A total of 1.4 million households should benefit from it according to government calculations, i.e. nearly half of households heating with oil, as reported by Le Parisien.

From this Monday, November 7, some households will therefore be able to receive an energy check worth 100 or 200 euros. This aid concerns households that have recently filled up their tanks, and can be used to pay any type of energy bill. The check is valid for one year.

The sum of the said check is 200 euros for households with an income of less than 10,800 euros per year and per consumption unit. This calculation is therefore based on the income of an adult in the household, from which we subtract in particular the expenses represented by dependent minors included in his tax household: this is the standard of living. The check will amount to 100 euros for those earning between 10,800 euros and 20,000 euros per year per consumption unit.

Find below the details of all the steps and methods to receive this aid.