Fuel: the dates to remember for the next discounts


20.3%. This is the number of service stations that were still in difficulty with fuel supplies on Wednesday, October 19 at 1 p.m. If this represents one in five stations across the territory, it is still possible to see this as good news, given that this figure has been falling for several days. On October 16, 30 service stations were still out of stock.

A return to normal therefore seems to be looming at the pumps. This will be the opportunity to find more affordable prices. Some stations had taken advantage of the shortage to raise their prices, sometimes exceeding 3 euros per liter.

Since September 1, the government has implemented a discount of 30 centimes per liter at the pump. If this was not necessarily felt during the last few weeks, a return to normal should allow us to enjoy it for a while.

This was supposed to end on October 31, then increasing to 10 cents per liter until December 31. But on Sunday, October 16, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne spoke on the subject on the set of 20 hours of TF1.

“We are going to extend this fuel discount until mid-November and I had the CEO of Total this afternoon who will also extend his discount.” The aid of 30 cents will therefore cease on November 15. From this date, it will amount to 10 cents per litre, until December 31, as initially planned. On the side of Total, the aid of 20 cents will also be extended, before being lowered to 10 cents until the end of the year.