Another busy week? Nearly one in three service stations in France are in a situation of supply difficulty on Monday, according to the Ministry of Energy Transition. Faced with this shortage, the government is implementing measures aimed at increasing fuel deliveries by 20%, using its strategic oil reserves, according to information from L’Express.

The strikes carried out within TotalEnergies and Esso-ExonMobil, considered largely responsible for the shortage, have been running for ten days. Negotiations at ExonMobil are due to start on Monday, while the management of TotalEnergies has decided to bring the annual negotiations forward to October, and was awaiting the response from the CGT this morning, CGT which announced at the start of the afternoon the renewal of their strike until Tuesday, informs us Europe 1. However, even after a potential lifting of the blockage of refineries, the delay for a return to normal would be almost a week.

Added to the impact of the strikes on the fuel supply chain are the reductions in the price of fuel implemented by the government on the one hand, as well as by TotalEnergies, which announced a month ago a discount of 20 cents on the price of its fuels. These announcements caused a rush to gas stations, contributing to repeated stock-outs.

Many regions have been impacted since last week and several prefectures have already put in place restrictions aimed at countering a “panic effect” which leads to the forecast purchase of fuel and therefore contributes to the shortage. Some departments have also made petrol stations available to certain professionals from priority areas. What is the situation with you? Is your department particularly affected, are you affected by purchasing restrictions? Check it out below.