Fuel shortage: the 8 products that will be missing from the supermarket


An unexpected consequence. Fuel shortages have a direct impact on motorists, who must plan accordingly to avoid running out of fuel. Some professionals, such as driving instructors, have had to put their activity on hold, for lack of being able to supply themselves with gasoline or diesel. Another sector sounded the alarm on Tuesday, October 11, La ChaƮne Logistique du Froid.

This professional association brings together the companies responsible for temperature-controlled transport and logistics, which in particular transport fresh products to our supermarkets. In a press release consulted by Planet, the association warns of “the risks of disruptions in the supply of fresh and frozen products to customers of transport companies: industrialists, mass distribution, out-of-home catering”.

These various companies are currently encountering “increasing difficulties” in transporting the foodstuffs in their possession. The general delegate of the association asks that “the production of fuels be maintained and accessible to refrigerated transporters under penalty of jeopardizing the supply of food products to the populations”.

How can these difficulties be explained? In their press release, professionals in the sector recall that “refrigerated trucks require two fuels: diesel to supply the traction motors and off-road diesel to supply the thermal cold production devices essential for maintaining the temperature of foodstuffs” . Throughout the territory, particularly in Hauts-de-France, professionals are encountering supply difficulties.

The press release adds: “As the time needed to get a refining plant back into operation being approximately 6 days, if no measures are taken quickly to force the maintenance of fuel production and distribution, our carriers refrigerators could run out of fuel in the very short term and therefore be unable to work”. Products could therefore quickly run out of the supermarket in the next few days. What foods are affected? Check it out below.