The discount of 18 cents on a liter of fuel is clearly not enough. This is not very surprising: it is a boost that turns out, after all, to be rather ineffective. First, because inflation is rising, which is accompanied by a general rise in consumer prices, as Planet has explained in the past. Some now fear that it will reach 7% over the year, before 2022 comes to an end. Then, it is important to remember the main defect of this aid: it is universal. In the eyes of the government, this is a problem, since it hopes to target some drivers rather than others.

Therefore, informs BFMTV, the executive now advocates the entry into force of a new device: the fuel allowance for low-income workers. The latter should come into force from October, “depending on the outcome of parliamentary debates”, the government said. It will not be added to the discount on the price of fuel but rather replace it.

The new fuel voucher, the amount of which can go up to 300 euros, is reserved – as its name suggests… – for a certain part of the population. Will therefore be concerned, have indicated the competent authorities, all workers, employees, apprentices, but also public officials and the self-employed. In practice, however, not everyone will receive the same amount. The aid will indeed be “modulated according to the level of income and the composition of the household”. The big rollers, that is to say those who travel more than 12,000 kilometers per year in the professional context or who live more than 30 kilometers from their place of work.