Now is the perfect time to fill up! The president of the strategic committee of the Leclerc centers, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, confirmed on franceinfo, an operation at cost price for fuels from July 28 to 30. Because this weekend is special: it’s the crossover between Julyists and Augustians. It will be necessary to expect three black days, according to Bison Futé.

Already, traffic jams are piling up on the A9 motorway. Bison Futé recommends that motorists avoid the section of the A62 between Bordeaux and Toulouse. Travel will therefore be very numerous during this weekend. According to the site, it is the day of July 30 that will be the most eventful, with multiple traffic difficulties throughout the territory.

On this occasion, Leclerc is launching this rather special operation. It will take place in the 636 stations installed near the firm’s shopping centers. On the other hand, the brand’s petrol stations will not apply this rate on the motorways. According to Le Parisien, motorists would save between two to twelve cents per litre, depending on the fuel. For a full tank, this is therefore equivalent to a reduction of several euros.

On franceinfo, Michel-Edouard Leclerc explained that brands will soon no longer be able to make these reductions. Indeed, “a provision of the Climate Law plans to no longer be able to make discounts on fossil fuels from August 22, he stated, while there is a context of inflation and rising energy prices.”