At the gas pump, it’s hard to counter the numbers that scroll by at top speed on the screen. For several months, the rise in fuel prices has seemed unstoppable, and motorists are seeing the difference in their budget.

To limit the dramatic consequences on the purchasing power of French households, the government has set up a discount on the price of fuel of up to 30 euro cents per liter.

This is an aid of 30 euro cents all taxes included per liter in mainland France. Only here: as confirmed by Bruno Le Maire in the columns of Parisian at the beginning of November, and according to the calendar presented by the government, this aid will be revised downwards in the coming days.

From November 15, 2022, the fuel discount of 30 cents will be replaced by an aid of 10 cents before it is abolished on December 31.

“The state budget cannot subsidize fossil fuels over a long period. This would contradict our climate objectives and be dangerous for our public finances. We have always said that it was a temporary discount”, explained the minister of Economy and Finance.

The Minister added that this subsidy will then be reviewed to be allocated to a more targeted audience from the beginning of 2023. “This support will concern those who are forced to take their car to go to work such as caregivers, apprentices and workers,” says Bruno Le Maire.

The latest figures relayed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition show a falling price of diesel, unlike gasoline which continues to rise.