Exactly ten years ago, with Stephen Curry making his debut in the national basketball association (NBA. Almost no one could have predicted that the us would become the best shooter of all time, the triple champion and two-time MVP. Enjoy The Baby-Faced Assassin’, however, is not on its anniversary. On the contrary…

This is a crisis for the Golden State Warriors. The team from San Francisco was in the previous five seasons, each time in the finals and won three titles. Curry made all of us, just like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. ‘GSW’ became a household name and has grown to be one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the American basketball.

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But this past summer, things changed quite a bit in California. Veteran Andre Iguodala (Finals MVP in 2015) has been subject to the heavy labour costs, of course, the Warriors. Shaun Livingston put on his basketschoenen on the hook, the superstar, Kevin Durant went to Brooklyn, and Klay Thompson is still a month with a knee injury. The result: two new thuisnederlagen of the season, first of all, 122-141 against the LA Clippers, and 92-120 against the Oklahoma City area.

“We must rebuild”, responded to Curry after the loss against the Thunder. “To start from scratch again, using the same principles that will lead us to success, to lead.” A good measure of Draymond Green said ” it’s just a little different. “It’s very, very,” said the forward. “I knew that it would be difficult, but if the mat be swept? We are really bad at the moment.”

the Critique

In all, the party was brutally responded to the poor start from the Warriors. Especially with the “lack of fight”, was made by renowned ESPN analysts like Steven A. Smith to be heavily criticised. “Of course, the Warriors are not that bad at all.”

Curry was also very difficult in both games. He has scored an average of 23 points, but made only 39 percent of its shots and two of the ten triples.

“It’s as if people are completely willing to go up against Steph,” noted journalist Michael Wilbon on NBA legend Scottie Pippen. “If he has wronged. He defeated them in the last few years with the Warriors, but it seems like everything is focused on him. Like Durant, Thompson, Green and Iguodala and Livingston, there has never been before.”

Which of the negative feelings towards the Warriors, and is, therefore, especially the Sauce, were the best described by Patrick Beverley. The beenharde the guard from the Clippers, this year’s titelfavoriet, he said, during the game against the GSW to the next one when he was two-time MVP, defended it: “You could have done for the past five years, the next five, you’re with me.”

Curry and picked out the best items of clothing on it, but I know that it is a aartsmoeilijk to the season without Durant and Splahs Brother ” Klay Thompson.

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