Inspiration for your home cinema – From Cuba to Sweden: Our Streaming tips of the WocheDie movies of the week tell the story of a proletarian in Cuba, a jazz club in Paris, of a family in South Korea, and a giant in Sweden.Filmredaktion0 comments”The Eddy”: club owner Elliot (André Holland, R.) gets a visit from his daughter (Amandla Stenberg).Image: zvgThe Eddy

the series of Damien Chazelle and Jack Thorne, USA/F 2020

The music is good, often all the pieces are heard, delivered by a Band with a miss-humored singer. Sometimes bats in the Parisian night club, one of the owners is involved in shady business. From this Mix of the series “The Eddy is” behind the other “La La Land”-Director Damien Chazelle is. A high-caliber music and drama ensemble, and the singer is played by Joanna Kulig from the Polish Oscar film “Cold war”. Miss sounds, there is, but it’s part of the charm of this endeavor. (ml)

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La muerte de un burocrata

Satire in Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Cuba, in 1966; 85 min.

A Cuban proletarians is killed by his machine, which produces plaster busts. To be the man the last honour, he’s given his work book into the grave. But without the book there for the widow (Silvia Planas) no pension. So it is up to the nephew (Salvador Wood), an exhumation to arrange, which leads to a run the gauntlet through all sorts of approval instances. In 1966, Tomas Gutierrez Alea turned this Satire on pedants, and paragraph tab. And there, by the way, half of the film is cited story, this is also a wonderful homage to the cinema. (zas)

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Satire of Bong Joon-ho, SKor 2019; 132 min.

the four members of The Kim family lives in a basement and is stealing your Wifi from the neighbors. Since the son gets a job as a tutor at the smelly Park, living in a modern Villa on a hill rich. Through Tricks and intrigue, he gives also his sister, and the parents Jobs in the household, the more the better, but their Position is backed up at all. Below the poor above the Rich – this Satire is not on the class society is always incredibly subtle, but their pictures are very tangible. And the Film is very funny. In one scene, the Switzerland plays a small role. (ggs)

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The Giant

Drama by Johannes Nyholm, S 2016; 96 min.

Rikard (Christian Andrén) is deformed, autistic, and physically, but has a great Talent for ball sports Boule. He dreams of winning the Nordic championship in Copenhagen – maybe his mother wants him back, then, having given it away at that time after his birth. But his health makes to create him. And in what connection he is to the giants, appearing suddenly out of the Swedish Wilderness? The first feature film by Johannes Nyholm mixes documentary with a Fairy-tale, and is reminiscent of “grän’s”. Quite so unconventional, The Giant is not””, but moving and funny. (ggs)

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