Equal to three times it burned down early Sunday morning in the Friedrichshafen (lake Constance): a warehouse, several vehicles and a shop were local in flames. The cars and the business were fired, according to initial findings intentionally. A 29-year-old suspect was arrested on Sunday and received a warrant, as police and prosecutors informed rushed in the evening.

The man is suspected to have a Parking garage with several cars on fire and a material damage of more than 100,000 euros. Then he will have another fire in a shop in the vicinity. The Shop on the ground floor was completely destroyed, eight people had to be brought out of the building. Four of them were treated on an outpatient basis.

A witness had shortly after the inserts a note on the 29-Year-old. Police officers were able to arrest the Suspect a short time later in the vicinity of the fire places. A prison judge ordered in the afternoon detention for the man. What could have been his motives, was initially unclear. The claims that he was drunk at the time of his arrest, the public Prosecutor’s office ordered a blood test.

In Friedrichshafen burned shed and also a storage. Whether this is in connection with the other Fires, but was initially unclear.