Fridge: why your magnets could damage it


Souvenir of a trip, promotional gift… Many French people decorate the metal door of their fridge with many magnets, which they also use to hang photos and shopping lists.

However, this seemingly harmless practice carries some risks. Especially if you have a modern device.

Although magnets are not harmful to your health, nor do they damage your food, they can seriously damage your refrigerator.

In any case, this is what Maison explains

The touch screen may no longer work properly, disturbed by the magnets. But that’s not all: magnets can also affect the operation of your door, which has a seal, often magnetized too, and which could then become demagnetized.

On the other hand, it is possible that the magnetostatic field of the latter damages other devices nearby. It is therefore better not to overload the door of your fridge with these small objects!

To properly maintain your refrigerator and store your food in the best possible way, the most important thing is to clean it regularly (once every two weeks, ideally) with a little white vinegar mixed with hot water. But other reflexes are just as important to preserve your device:

Are you going on vacation? Remember to unplug your device, once emptied, to save on the electricity bill.