The author of the unforgettable Madame Hayat is among the most renowned Turkish writers, and his novels are as many journeys through the nights of Istanbul as through the prohibitions of society. Here he explores again, but in another form, the passage to adulthood of a young man in search of justice.

In this novel, the English writer looks at the life of an aspiring poet who goes back into his past to try to understand why his wife abandoned him. Between life lessons and disappointed dreams, we immerse ourselves in the little story of a man in a dysfunctional world.

It is the 15th novel by the Quebec novelist, poet and essayist, winner of the Athanase-David Prize. He evokes the shadows that blind us as well as the words and images that haunt our dreams.

With this irreverent irony that we liked so much in Si belle, mais si mort, the Italian writer features a fallen thriller author who leads a writing workshop to get back in the saddle… leading to a whole series of twists and turns incredible.

After continuing the Millennium saga, the Swedish writer launched a new series around the characters of Rekke and Vargas, who we discovered last year with Obscuritas. Here they are back in this second title where they team up again to find a missing woman.

Since his first thriller translated into French (The Oath), we have been impatiently awaiting the detective novels of this Finnish author. This second title transports us to the LGBTQ community of a small town in Finland where Inspector Henrik Oksman must investigate an explosion in a nightclub.

The young French novelist tells here the destiny of a young woman who dreams of making great cuisine. When she finally manages to open her own restaurant, the past resurfaces to sow doubt about her choices and force her to question her decisions.

The Japanese author who wrote The Memoirs of a Cat brings her two endearing felines to life. A collection of seven tender short stories that will make all cat lovers smile.

Unpublished until now, this diary, the original of which is kept at the New York Public Library, reveals the personal notes of Véra Nabokov and some of her husband, following the publication of her famous novel Lolita. We discover the repercussions of the immense success he experienced, but also the decisive role that Véra played in the literary career of Vladimir Nabokov.

Antarctica has always been the dream of explorers like Mike Horn, who recounted his exploits on the icy continent in his books. But long before him, at the beginning of the 20th century, the Norwegian Roald Amundsen and the Englishman Robert Scott set out to conquer the South Pole. The author recounts their epic tale in this dizzying short novel that will please all fans of adventure stories.