The French loveshop brand Amorélie has published a survey* on the sexual desires and habits of the French. According to, sexual fantasies have their origin in the psychic needs of each of us. Moreover, sexual or erotic fantasies would not be constant desires, but would appear and disappear over the course of our lives. Indeed, they would be symptomatic of a desire for renewal, especially in the context of a monogamous and long-term romantic relationship.

In fact, the different sexual fantasies would correspond to deep desires of everyone’s unconscious: approval, admiration, frustration or even the desire to establish a better or deeper connection with his or her partner. Erotic fantasies would therefore have a real therapeutic dimension: they would function as a kind of escape allowing to bring to light certain underlying dynamics governing your unconscious.

In addition to their erotic fantasies, the survey carried out by Amorélie revealed other trends relating to the sex life of the French. 74% of French people prefer to make love gently than in a torrid way, and more than one person in 4 has sexual desires that are not expressed at all in their relationship.

As far as fantasies are concerned, the French are still relatively numerous in 2023 not having been able to satisfy them: one person in 5 said they wanted more variety in their sexual relations. Is it a real desire for renewal or simply the consequence of unsatisfying relationships?

Find below the 8 places in which the French fantasize about making love.

*online survey carried out in 2023 on a representative population in France (n=2000, 18-65 years old)