France is facing new elections: After a clear victory of the right-wing nationalist Rassemblement National (RN) in the European elections, President Emmanuel Macron has dissolved the National Assembly and announced early parliamentary elections.

The election dates are June 30 and July 7, as there are two rounds of voting. The president is elected separately in France – Macron himself is therefore not running for election and is scheduled to remain in office until 2027.

According to projections, the RN won around 32 percent of the vote in the European elections (2019: 23.3 percent). The party thus collected more than twice as many votes as Macron’s Renaissance alliance, which fell to around 15 percent (2019: 22.4 percent).

“This is not a good result for the parties that defend Europe, including the President’s majority,” said Macron. Far-right parties are having success all over the continent. “After this day, I cannot pretend that nothing has happened,” said Macron.

“I have heard your message and your concerns and I will not leave them unanswered,” said Emmanuel Macron. “Be sure of one thing: my only goal is to be useful to our country that I love so much and to serve you. France needs a clear majority to act in serenity and unity.”

Le Pen welcomed Macron’s announcement, saying they were ready to take power in France if RN won the trust of the voters.